The NEU could harm trans children’s mental health

A guest post by @mimmymum about the NEU.

Two days ago Kiri Tunks became the President of the NEU [NUT section] (the National Education Union) – the largest education union in the UK, with huge impact on our children’s education.
Kiri Tunks is also one the founding members of Woman’s Place UK – the anti-transgender hate group disguised as ‘feminism’! 😕
Quote form Kiri Tunks, the new President of the NEU (National Education Union)NEU [NUT section]  President Kiri Tunks was one of the founders of the anti-trans platform Woman’s Place UK which runs events around the country promoting anti-transgender hate, while disguising it as ‘women’s concerns’. The SOLE agenda for the group is to overthrow the legal protections of trans people!
A statement issued by A Woman's Place UK - the new President of the NEU was one of the founding members

Secret events arranged by Woman’s Place UK actively seek speakers who aggressively oppose trans-rights, such as @sargesalute who was kicked out of the UK Labour party because of her transphobic views:

“Trans women are horrible, hateful, misogynistic bastards” – the official view of Woman’s Place UK
Yet WPUK founder @kiritunksneu won’t condemn this hate speech!

If you think Kiri Tunks’ anti-transgender views won’t impact her position as president of the NEU [NUT section] – it already has!

Roy Wilkes, who was put on 'gardening leave' because of transphobic comments has been cleared by the new President of the NEU to continue teaching
Transphobic teachers supporting her anti-trans rhetoric have been ‘pardoned’
Article in the Times about Wilkes

How else will she influence teaching and support of our trans kids? Kiri Tunks’ platform Woman’s Place UK colludes with anti-trans group ‘Transgender Trend’  which is trying to infiltrate UK schools with a glossy ‘resource pack’, directing teachers to not support trans kids. This ‘resource’ pack actually contravenes the 2010 Equalities Act! The ‘resource’ pack has also been condemned as being dangerous to the mental well-being of transgender children by other teachers and psychologists.

The new President of the NEU is a friend and support of Stephanie Davies-Arai who runs the website Transgender Trend

Those who call themselves ‘gender critical’ (aka anti-trans) cheer on the new NEU [NUT section] President Kiri Tunks while coordinating activities to further attack transgender adults and children from the sidelines! 😕
A posting of Mumsnet showing that Kiri Tunks, the new President of the NEU is hostile to transgender childrenWho will stand up for our vulnerable trans children in schools, when vocal anti-transgender lobbyist Kiri Tunks has been made president of the NEU [NUT section] and in an incredibly powerful position to influence policy against transgender and gender non-conforming children?

Why is nobody questioning this??

Foot Note:
The NEU was brought about by the merging of two Unions, the NUT (National Union of Teachers) and the ATL (the Association of Teachers and Lecturers). At the present moment in time they each have their own president – Kiri Tunks is the president of the NUT section. These two sections will merge into one body at the end of 2018 when fresh elections for union officials will be held.
It should be pointed out that the ATL is very supportive of transgender people.

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