Trans Regret

Trans Regret: please leave your views in the comments.

Over the past few weeks there has been a particularly poisonous theme in the media about trans regret. Is it something that we should be concerned about or is it something that is vastly overplayed by those who would seek to set back the clock over the ever increasing numbers of transgender people who are seeking to transition and possibly have surgery to more correctly align their bodies with how they identify?

So, what are the regrets that you have? We will all have regrets of some kind – whether it is that you did not have the courage or knowledge to do it earlier or at the opposite end of the spectrum of regrets, that you made the wrong decision and you wish you had not had surgery.

In order to refute claims that regret rates are as high as 40%, it would be useful if people would complete the survey about this which can be found at

If you have been brought to this post after completing the survey, thank you for taking part – you might also like to comment on this post in the comments section below.

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