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A child suffering from isolation and depressionAfter my recent Twitter spat with so called “gender critical feminists” and the followers of the Transgender Trend sect I have come to realise that what they believe in, is the equivalent of lining up 1000 children and shooting 470 of them in cold blood and subjecting a further 430 of them to mindless physical and mental torture just because 100 of them are not sure – and of those 100 maybe 10 of them made a wrong choice (and probably 9 of those had no medical intervention other than reversible hormone blockers). So in effect what they are fighting for is child cruelty on a scale that should be making the headlines – not headlines vilifying trans children.

Make no mistake that is what they are advocating for by trying to force their dogma on other people and trying to stop transgender children getting the treatment that they so deservedly need.

Study after study has shown the tragic outcomes of what happens when these children are not supported at home – the rates of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, self-harming and suicide are horrendous whereas trans children who get the support that is needed (and appropriate) do as well as cisgender children in these areas of mental health.

I wonder what one of them would say if her child had to go through painful and expensive medical treatments and surgeries because of her need to protect just 1% of wrongly diagnosed children who were gender non-confoming rather than trans? Not only that, but her child had to go through stigma and abuse for the rest of their life because they were recognised and ridiculed for being trans because they were forced to go through the wrong puberty. Would she regret her decision – you can bet your life that she would.

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  1. The trans deniers have no genuine concern with Childhood GD. They chose it because it is the softest target in the trans estate, a target already marked for them, together with ‘bathrooms’, by the Christian Right of Donald Trump’s America.

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