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The trans exclusionary “radical feminists” who are stuck in the middle of the last century use bullying, harassment, shaming and other techniques to try and force transgender people to go back into the closet – often calling us “men in dresses”, child molesters etc., (although they never accuse trans men of being women in suits – as that is how some of them dress).
In actual fact this behaviour is remarkably similar to the tactic some men use to oppress women – a tactic called coercive control – whereby women are socially isolated from their friends and are then bullied, sometimes beaten and victimised by these men. This is all too often seen in men who align themselves with the MRA groups, or the values that these groups promulgate.
In a way they are the extreme values of patriarchy and therefore have nothing in common with the ideals of the feminist movement which is about equality – and equality for everybody, no matter which intersectional group you belong to.
Perhaps we should start seeing them in this light, as it has nothing at all to do with feminism, but rather a form of assertive dominance much deplored (and rightly so) by most women and all feminists to patriarchy.

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