Another young trans woman of colour dies in the US.

Zella ZionaZella Ziona (from her Facebook page)

A young, 21 year old transgender woman of colour was murdered when a group of men who knew her from school decided to take her life whilst she was on her way to lay flowers on the grave of her grandmother who died a year ago. She was shot in the head several times and also in the groin – and died whilst she was being taken to hospital.

A guy who has been named as Rico Leblond has been arrested and charged with her murder and is trying to use a trans-panic defence to justify taking her life, According to Leblond,  Zella is said to have liked him and he shot her to stop his friends thinking that he liked her.

Is a man’s perceived masculinity so frail that in order to justify that masculinity he has to murder anybody who might in any way threaten it? Another young woman’s life is savagely and brutally taken away from her in order to inflate a man’s ego.

This happens too many times, in the United States, in Central and South America. Already in the US alone this year 21 trans women have been murdered, the majority being trans women of colour.

RIP Zella Ziona  #alltranslivesmatter

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