Heathwatch Devon launches new survey for trans people

Healthwatch Devon acting as lead partner but in association with Healthwatch Torbay and Healthwatch Plymouth, have launched a survey asking for your experiences of Gender Identity Services in England. Your answers will help form a report that will be fed back to numerous organisations including NHS England. If you are transgender and live in England (not Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland) you can contribute towards the survey at:-

This survey is open to everybody in England but please be quick as the closing date for this survey is the 25th November 2015.

To request a postal survey please either telephone 0800 520 0640, email info@healthwatchdevon.co.uk or write to:
Healthwatch Devon,
First Floor, 3 & 4 Cranmere Court,
Lustleigh Close,
Matford Business Park,

Please consider contributing to this survey – the results will be fed back up to NHS England as a means of forcing NHS England to allow more money to flow into the GIC’s to help with recruiting more personnel (surgeons, psychiatrists, psychologists) to help end the long queues for treatment. Every single contribution will help their efforts as it will provide hard statistics that they can then use to bring about change. Sitting back and doing nothing will not help to bring about this change.

I should add that it was because of the efforts of Healthwatch Torbay and others that the funding shortfall was rescinded last October – so providing hard statistics for Healthwatches to operate with does produce results.
Don’t just sit back and moan that they never listen (like one person did last night in a PM) – do something POSITIVE to bring about much needed change.

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