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Trans Youth SupportI came across this very revealing graphic whilst I was browsing the internet tonight  and the statistics contained within it hit me extremely hard as I contemplated how my own mother had reacted to my own coming out to her back in the very early 1970’s and how fortunate I had been.

I was so struck with the information within the graphic I shared to my own Facebook page with the following message:-
“Why would any parent reject their child just because of this. I suppose, mainly they didn’t really love them in the first place if they are more concerned of what their friends or relatives will say.”

A friend responded with another comment which read:-
“Nell S: Parents often profess that they want them to be happy ……having a trans child determines whether this is the case or if they really want the child to actually make the parent happy. My heart and admiration goes to all parents, including my own mum, who enable their children to be their true selves.”

To which I added my own feelings on the matter:- That is very true Nell – and I too echo your feelings about parents who want their children to be happy in their own bodies. I have often thought that we should have a special day of thanks for them – for they really are wonderful people and my heart goes out to them for their acceptance.

My Mum (bless her soul) was incredible in that she accepted me and this was back in the dark ages in the early 1970’s when very little was known about the condition, even the medical profession was almost completely ignorant of it – yet my mother’s reaction was to come over, put her arms round me and say “That’s OK, we will see this (meaning my transition) through together” – and she did, I had the most wonderful support from her.

Yes, I was lucky to have such a mother, sadly, so many are are not. They are disowned, thrown into the streets, physically abused – as if a beating would change who we are.  This so often can lead to mental health problems later and many will have to resort to prostitution or worse in order to survive.

Just look and absorb those figures – if your parents accept you, you are almost five times more likely to avoid mental health problems – and then you get people like Mona Charen publishing that she thinks it is child abuse if parents love and support their trangender child.  Ms. Charen, I have news for you – surely it is child abuse to try and force your child to be something that they are not and subsequently statistically far more likely to suffer mental health problems – or to disown them and throw them out into the streets.  You are a disgrace to parenthood Ms. Charen.

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