Parental Acceptance or Rejection

Human rights of intersex babiesI found that a letter that a mother wrote to her intersex baby which was subsequently posted on the Facebook pages of the Scottish Transgender Alliance to be tremendously moving and warming.  It spoke of the love that a mother has for her child, who was discovered to be intersex.  A discussion followed later on the Facebook pages of Trans Media Watch where I shared that letter which revolved around parental acceptance of trans and intersex children.

Would the parents of a trans child kick their child out or disown them if s/he had been born with a cleft palette, with Downs Syndrome, a heart defect or one of thousands of other possible conditions. Yet so many parents do this if their child is born transgender. They see it as something worse than having a ‘Damien’ type of child – and if they examined their consciences closely, what it really boils down to is “what will the neighbours think?”.  Yes, at the end of the day, they are ashamed of what their neighbours and friends will say.

What that says about them is far more revealing than what it says about their transgender child. With the proper medical intervention at the right age, their child could grow up into a beautiful happy person and have a full enriching life. Too many transgender people are scarred from parental rejection and hate.

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